Microsoft officially announce support end dates for ADAL and the Azure AD Graph API

I still have some old projects I’ve worked on in my own personal code repository, which still utilise ADAL and the Azure AD Graph API. Without question, there most definitely software solutions on the market which still use the the same nuget packages or endpoints via REST API’s to authenticate users and pull back/update user profile information in a multitude of ways as required by the application.

Just incase you missed this, Microsoft have now provided official guidance on the end of support timelines for both the Active Directory Authentication Library and the Azure Active Directory Graph API.

I’ve been using the Microsoft Authentication Library and MS Graph for a few years now, as the guidance from Microsoft has always been to urge developers to use MSAL and MS Graph for all new development projects. So, now it’s official and time to move over and start migrating over and work with the Microsoft Identity Platform v2.0 endpoint and v2.0 tokens.


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