CarShop .NET Core Blazor Project – Part 6

CarShop .NET Core Blazor Project – Part 6

Following on from Part 5, where I provided the links to the CarShop C# project which defines the data model classes for the CarShop database tables and views, I have recently been working on the core components which interact with the entity framework to add data to the Azure SQL CarShop database. There are a number of components which are being developed and I focus on these so that I can start to build out the forms and the interactions from a user experience including the layout of the edit forms and controls. I haven’t yet published the source code onto my github repo, but I expect to do this in the next few months. For now, I’ve have provided a preview of the form layouts and basic capabilities whilst I complete the forms and capabilities, including the completion of testing the components.

There are a few components I’ve built, which I have briefly described below that query/display the data loaded in the previous data seeding scripts. There are components with parameters that dynamically update child components, another which uses a NavigationManager to re-direct edit pages and others that utilise lists and display the entity model data in DevExpress UI components, including ASP.Net Blazor EditForm controls.

Hint: Click on each image and the browser will expand the image to the full size of the screen. This will give you the same view as seen in the my development environment.

Fuel Types – two components with a dynamic fuel type view when new fuel types are added.

Car Manufacturer List

Car Fuel Types with edit functionality

Car Colours

Car Models

New Car Model

Customer List – inline Edit Capability (DevExpress UI Component)

New Customer

New Vehicle


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