CarShop .NET Core Blazor Project – Part 2

Following on from Part 1, where I introduced the CarShop project, I have now published the database scripts in my public GitHub repo, for the data model. At present there are nine tables in the database schema, which need to be created in a specific order to maintain relationships. The tables are listed below.

CarManufacturers – Table to hold all car manufacturer details

CarModels – Table to hold all car models

VehicleStatus – Table to hold the vehicle status e.g. “For Sale”

CarFuelTypes – Table to hold the fuel type for a vehicle

CarColours – Table to hold the car colours

Engine Size – Table to hold all car engine sizes

Vehicles – Table to hold all car vehicle details which has relationships to the above tables as per the Part 1 CarShop project blog post showing the schema diagram.

Salutations – Table to hold all customer salutations

Customers – Table to hold all customer details which has a relationship with Salutations

Some of the tables hold default e.g. Vehicles previous owners has a default of 1 since the vehicles are not new at the Carshop.

The CarShop model SQL scripts can be found in my GitHub repo here.


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